The Leadership System™

Is your leadership a competitive advantage? Or is it costing you? How do you know? Your business will never outperform the effectiveness of its Senior Leaders. All other things being equal, businesses with more effective leadership always outperform businesses with less effective leadership.

The Leadership System™ is a complete leadership development system. It focuses on improving business results by improving individual and collective leadership. The Leadership Circle™ has decades of experience helping leaders improve their collective leadership effectiveness—helping them to evolve their leadership into a competitive advantage. This experience is now integrated into our state-of-the art proprietary tools and processes to create a development system without equal.

Assessments are only part of the leadership development journey. A system or process is essential to turn your assessment metrics into action and results on a personal and organizational level.

The Leadership System™ is a complete and integrated system for enhancing the effectiveness of individual and collective leadership for your entire organization.

The Leadership System™ is a systemic approach for developing your senior
leaders and the leadership system of your organization. Real development requires a long-term, ongoing approach to produce more effective leaders and enhanced business performance.

The Leadership System™ is designed to be flexible based on your needs. Designs vary from a few months to multiple years in a configuration that is targeted to meet your business performance targets.

Assessments and leadership development processes that make up The Leadership System™ are administered, delivered and facilitated by individuals who have first completed the Leadership Circle Profile™ Certification.

The Leadership System™ includes the following components:

Discovery and Assessment
The Leadership System™ begins by working with the Senior Team to clarify goals for collective leadership effectiveness and business performance improvement. In addition, the Senior Team strategically communicates to the organization what they are up to, why it is important, and what is going to happen. At this phase, a series of assessments are conducted that can include:

The Promise of Leadership™ Workshop

This half-day workshop frames how effective leadership translates into business performance. It functions as a kick-off for your specific configuration of The Leadership System™. It is also a powerful introduction to the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 and establishes a framework that supports development for the long-term. It is a highly compelling and experiential workshop.

Leader to Leader™
Leader to Leader™ is a peer coaching and accountability cohort process. Each cohort is comprised of 6 to 8 senior leaders that meet monthly to coach each other and hold each other accountable for making progress on their development goals. Key business improvement issues are the focus of the development conversations. As trust builds within the cohort, feedback, coaching and peer support becomes increasingly effective. The Leader to Leader’s curriculum also includes a brief and impactful leadership competency training in each module that is built upon the Leadership Circle™ Creative-Reactive framework. Each session is facilitated in person or remotely.

Pulse Surveys™
These near-real time surveys reinforce a leader’s commitment to take action on their leadership development plan (One Big Thing) by inviting an accountability team (Accountability Circle) of colleagues to give that leader direct feedback on how their behavior-change experiments are working. Measurement of performance against goals is vital to the functioning of any system. Pulse Survey results are also brought into the Leader to Leader groups for discussion, peer coaching, and accountability for making further improvement.

One-on-One Coaching™
Every engagement is enhanced by one-on-one coaching. The combination of peer cohort coaching in the Leader to Leader™ adds dramatic velocity to effectiveness in leadership

Retake Assessments
Leadership development and leadership effectiveness are long-term processes. Any serious and continuous improvement requires metrics that are monitored frequently and adjustments that are made over time. Consequently, the Leadership System includes periodic retaking of Leadership Circle Profile assessments. This helps to gage progress and supports continued improvement of the effectiveness of the leadership– which can also be tracked against improvements in business performance.
Leadership development is a life-long process. Any serious process improvement has metrics that are frequently monitored. Adjustments are made over time for continuous improvement. Leadership Effectiveness is no different. Consequently, the Leadership System includes periodic retake Leadership Circle Profile assessments to gage progress and to support the continued improvement of the effectiveness of the leadership. Shifts in Leadership effectiveness are tracked against business performance improvements.